Wooden garden furniture – what kind of wood to choose?

Wooden garden furniture – what kind of wood to choose?

June 21, 2020 Off By admin

Wooden garden furniture has been popular for decades. Despite changing trends and the introduction of a variety of products (technorattan, seagrass, etc.), they are still considered to be fashionable and suitable for any green corner. Usually when choosing models, attention is paid to the material and form. When buying wooden furniture, it is also worth checking the species of wood it is made of. This determines their strength and many other parameters.

One of the biggest advantages of wooden furniture is its versatility. Such objects actually fit into any garden, regardless of the chosen style of furnishing. You only need to adjust their form and size to the characteristics and amount of free space in a given garden enclave. At the same time they are natural – they fit well and harmonize with the environment. As a rule, the furniture is durable and resistant to mechanical damage, so it serves for many years. A certain disadvantage (especially when used by elderly people) is the weight (this also has positive aspects, as it is associated with greater stability). In addition, wood should be maintained regularly (every 1-3 years). Furniture before winter should be moved to a place that protects it from adverse weather conditions. The exact specificity of the furniture is largely determined by the species of wood it is made of. What kind of furniture is most common?

Spruce wood

It is difficult to process, splitting, has many hard, dark knots and large resinous blisters. What is a problem for sawmills or manufacturers, however, does not matter much to the buyer. On the contrary, clearly marked jars can look impressive in garden furniture. Wood is quite light, soft and has medium strength parameters. However, when impregnated with pressure it can serve for many years. It is not very shrinkable, easy to dry, and it takes paints, impregnates or stains well.

Larch wood

Fresh wood is difficult to process, only after drying it can be formed. Among domestic species it is considered to be one of the most durable and best in quality (for gardens). It does not show a tendency to cracks and warping. It dries well and polishes well. It is not flammable. Properly protected (oiling is optimal) tolerates changing weather conditions well. Larch garden furniture can be described as “the higher end”.

Oak wood

Oak furniture can be successfully described as royal. It is a pity to expose them to contact with water – such objects are best placed in a gazebo or on a roofed terrace. Oak wood has an attractive colour, is extremely hard (thus poorly impregnated) and resistant to abrasion. It contains a significant amount of tannins (and other active compounds), which protect it from diseases and pests.

Acacia wood

Recently, it is a very fashionable species often used for garden furniture. It is obtained from acacia robinia (not acacia – as it is commonly and wrongly called). Acacia wood is very durable and shows high natural resistance to adverse weather conditions (even above 25 years). According to EN 350-2 it has the highest resistance class among European species. It is light wood (however, the colours are varied), with clearly marked annual rings and twisted fibers.

Bamboo wood

Bamboo furniture is worth using in oriental gardens and intimate areas. They are light, durable and at the same time improve the aesthetics of the place. They should be used only under a canopy. The same applies to rattan wood.


Teak is one of the most versatile and durable species of exotic wood. For many years, wood was commonly used indoors (e.g. for flooring). However, garden furniture (e.g.: lunch sets) made of teak wood are more and more common.