Which garden box to choose?

Which garden box to choose?

June 21, 2020 Off By admin

The garden box is a useful piece of equipment to keep order in the area. It can be used universally – to store building materials, bicycles, tools or garden accessories. In addition, the decorative look increases the aesthetics of the garden, terrace or balcony. What should be the guiding principle when choosing the right model?

The boxes are gaining popularity as functional decorations for balconies, terraces and gardens. They are used to store building materials (e.g. other bags of cement), small tools (secateurs, blades, etc.), “garden” toys, bicycles, pillows and blankets. It is important that the box is water-resistant and has good ventilation, so that it can be used universally. The factor determining the purchase of a particular model (apart from the price) should be the potential use, the material it is made of and the place of installation (balcony, terrace, garden, interior).

What to pay attention when choosing garden box?

Size and capacity – the individual models vary considerably in this respect. Small garden boxes have a capacity of about 200l, in the largest ones this parameter is even ten times higher. The spacious constructions can be used as tool rooms or pool accessories. The choice of the right one is an individual matter – it is worth to adjust the capacity, length, width and height according to your needs.

Material – boxes are usually made of good quality, strong plastics. They usually imitate rattan or wooden slats. The chosen material should be durable, resistant to loads (the manufacturer gives maximum weight) and adverse weather conditions. Wooden crates are also very popular. However, these should be placed under a canopy – e.g. on a terrace or in a large gazebo.

Tightness – when buying, it is worth to pay attention to this parameter, because some boxes sold in shops are designed for interiors. Cover – should open easily (more than 90 degrees) and have a mechanism that prevents it from slamming automatically.

Hinges – this small element is important because it allows for efficient, comfortable use of the box for many years. The hinges must be robust, resistant to corrosion, abrasion and tear.