Where to hide garden furniture for the winter?

Where to hide garden furniture for the winter?

June 21, 2020 Off By admin

The garden furniture will be used for many years if it is used properly. Every season before the arrival of winter it should be moved to a building or roofed garden structure. How to deal with them depending on the material they are made of? When autumn arrives, we use garden furniture less and less often.

There are still warm days when they are used, e.g. when eating meals or just to relax in between intensive care work. Therefore, at some point – preferably before the arrival of rainy weather or frost – it is recommended to hide the furniture. How to deal with individual models?

Storage of furniture and manufacturing material

Wooden furniture of species such as spruce, pine or larch require absolute placement in the room or at least in a place under the roof that is not in contact with moisture. This is also a good time to clean and preserve them. They can be covered with oil or impregnation. The same applies to wooden pallet furniture. However, here you have to take a correction for the fact that such objects take up a lot of space.

Furniture made of wicker, seagrass and natural rattan is very sensitive to weather conditions. It is best to store them in a dry building. Much more durable are furniture made of exotic wood, but these are used less often due to the price and poor accessibility in gardens. If you have such furniture, it is enough to put it somewhere under the roof. Technorattan (the original one – good quality) is resistant to rain, UV, low temperatures or other adverse factors. Unlike rattan, it does not absorb moisture and does not require a protective layer. However, furniture made of this material should at least be moved to a roofed object.

Furniture made of steel and cast iron is usually treated as year-round and left in a given place. In this respect, they are most convenient, as they do not require additional actions and do not take up space during the winter. At most, they can be secured with covers. Aluminium furniture is the most durable, there is no need to do anything with it before winter and in spring it is enough to wash it.

Furniture made of cheap plastic must be moved to a place that will protect it not so much from rain, but from frost and heat (on warm days). It can be a utility building or a garage. Plastics lose their quality under the influence of large temperature fluctuations, then they are less durable, the plastic splashes easily and crumbles. Their admirable strength is theoretical. Of course, a lot depends on the quality of the plastic.