Ultralight inflatable mattress – for longer treks

Ultralight inflatable mattress – for longer treks

February 21, 2021 Off By admin

If you’re asking yourself “what kind of inflatable mattress should I choose?” it may be appropriate to list the pros and cons of such a construction. The pros of this type of model can include:

  • Low weight;
  • Compact size when packed;
  • The good relationship between the size of the mattress and the insulation it offers;
  • Comfortable due to its special construction.

There are many products on the market that fall into this category. They are particularly lightweight, which makes them a popular choice for people who like to hike long distances with a tent on their back. They are also compact when packed, so they can easily fit into a backpack. It is a compromise between comfort, provided by an appropriate structure, and weight and dimensions. One of such mattresses is Robens Vapour, created for lovers of trekking, cycling and mountain tours. It is exceptionally lightweight and durable at the same time. It has been designed to provide appropriate comfort and insulation properties. It is also worth paying attention to mattresses with a construction divided into two zones. The one located under the torso has two layers of air chambers, which are responsible for better insulation from the ground and well distribute the load, which translates into comfort of sleep. The lower part of the mattress (for the legs) and the upper part (under the head) have a single layer of insulation, which reduces its weight and size. 

Ultralight inflatable mattresses, apart from their numerous advantages, also have their disadvantages. The main and probably the most troublesome one is the possibility of perforation of the construction. Then a really good investigator will come in handy, who will be able to locate the place where the air is escaping. The internet is full of ideas how to locate the damage in the most effective way, including the popular method of putting the mattress under water. However, the best advice is the simplest one: don’t puncture. This means that you should take care of your mattress and lay it out in the least risky places. Often manufacturers go out of their way to help users by including patches in the kit, to be used just in case.

The second problem, which may or may not occur, is related to filling the mattress with air. While this may not be a problem for strong and well-rested men, it can be a challenge after a day of hiking and at higher altitudes. Some models have a special pump that is integrated into the mattress cover. This is practical and speeds up the process. Blowing with your mouth allows moisture to enter, which will not normally be a problem. Stairs will begin when we have to prepare the bedding in lower temperatures, where moisture mixed with air may turn into ice.