Garden bar – what to choose?

Garden bar – what to choose?

June 21, 2020 Off By admin

Organizing outdoor events (often combined with barbecue) is one of the most popular entertainment for people. The comfort of meetings can be further enhanced by buying a garden bar. This is equipment that will allow for comfortable preparation, serving and even cooling of drinks. The question is: which model will be the most suitable?

Horticulture is currently a trend in Poland, so social meetings, especially in summer, often take place in the home garden or Family Allotment Garden. This is also one of the reasons for the great popularity of practical elements of small garden architecture (hearths, gazebos, tunnels) and the strong expansion of the leisure zone. Outdoor events can, but do not have to, be sprinkled with alcohol. In both cases a bar will be a useful garden furniture. It can be used to cool down drinks, prepare drinks, sometimes it serves as a table or even a makeshift “kitchen”. This is a great convenience, because the drinks will always be at hand. When choosing a particular model it is worth to pay attention to several technical matters.

Garden bar materials

The material of which the barge is made determines its parameters such as strength, resistance to mechanical damage, UV radiation, weight, etc. At the same time, the selection criterion is the style of garden decoration and matching with other elements, such as garden furniture. We stand out:

Wooden bar

Such equipment fits most gardens, its advantage is versatility. Wood as a natural material blends well into a green corner. It is durable and durable, but you need to protect it from adverse weather conditions. Once every few years it requires maintenance (e.g. impregnation). A wooden barge is heavy compared to others. However, it can be used as an asset (increased stability), e.g. in a garden where children play.

Plastic bar

Plastic equipment has two main advantages: it is relatively light (and therefore easy to move and transport) and relatively cheap. On the market you can get plastic barges, which imitate real wood in appearance. Better quality models are not only made of plastic, their tops and other elements (e.g. wheels) are made of more resistant material (e.g. stainless steel). This is especially important if you buy an alcohol bar and a barbecue bar, which are exposed to contact with alcohols, fats and other substances that cause dirt or even discoloration.

Technorattan bar

Although technorattan is a synthetic material that imitates rattan (exotic wood), it belongs to the top shelf. In the past it was used most often in restaurants and hotels, today it is commonly found in gardens. A technorattan bar is light and at the same time durable. It is also distinguished by its relatively high resistance to weathering and UV radiation. It is a modern bar, which is particularly suitable for gardens arranged in a modernist, minimalist style. However, it also appears more and more often in rustic, English, urban and multi-style mish-mash gardens.