Furniture for the balcony – how to choose right?

Furniture for the balcony – how to choose right?

June 21, 2020 Off By admin

Garden furniture is a base on a medium and large balcony. Without them it is difficult to imagine a longer rest. They are useful for spending time outdoors, reading books or even dining. How to choose them in terms of size and style of furnishing? The balcony can be a kind of enclave for recreational and decorative purposes. For those who do not have a garden, it is a valuable substitute – you can grow impressive ornamental plants, to a small extent vegetables and even single trees on it. The balcony should be additionally covered (e.g. with mats, trusses) and a small set of garden furniture should be placed.

Size of balcony furniture

When choosing furniture for the balcony, we are guided not only by its aesthetic values, matching the style, but also its size. The smallest balconies, e.g. those in old city buildings, can only accommodate a single chair (and this at a loss for cultivated greenery). Here there is not much room for manoeuvre when creating the arrangement. In medium and large balconies you can afford single furniture (e.g.: two chairs and a small table). Still, you have to remember that every centimetre is worth its weight in gold. Not only the dimensions of individual chairs, garden sofas or tables count. You have to take into account additional space for free use and movement on the balcony.

In addition, it is recommended to cover the furniture with a garden umbrella (or awning) to provide more shade and to be able to use the balcony more often.


  • on larger balconies, you can try a set of 2-3-4 armchairs + table (possibly a cafĂ©);
  • on a small area it is better to choose chairs instead of armchairs, they are smaller in size and more comfortable to move around. Chairs are usually about 50-60cm long and wide, armchairs usually above 70cm. The difference, especially in the case of small balconies, is therefore significant
  • if there is no space for a set of furniture, the solution may be to buy a box with a seat. The box will be useful for storing trinkets, the seat will allow you to take a comfortable breath, sit by a book or smoke a cigarette;
  • on narrow, long balconies you can install a folding table attached to the facade;
  • it is worth choosing chairs and armchairs with narrow armrests. With longer seating, they are a bit less comfortable, but it is these elements that take up valuable space;
  • cheaply you can build furniture from pallets. There are many different designs on the Internet
  • for chairs, armchairs, sofas, tables and even sun beds. Unfortunately, in some respects they are not very practical: they take up a lot of space; – in recent seasons, suspended armchairs and hammocks are very popular on balconies;
  • the arrangement on the balcony (and at the same time the comfort of using the furniture) can be further increased by using spectacular, colourful cushions;