Corner sofa for large living room – length vs sleeping surface

Corner sofa for large living room – length vs sleeping surface

February 17, 2021 Off By admin

If you are looking for a corner sofa that can often be used as a bed, the sleeping area is probably important to you. We have a very important tip that you may not have noticed before – the width of a piece of furniture and the sleeping area do not always go together. Surprised? You have probably forgotten about armrests which “steal” valuable centimetres and increase the dimensions of a corner sofa, but do not translate into extra space when you sleep. What does this mean in practice? A 215 cm wide corner without armrests after unfolding will give you a bed which will still have a 215 cm span – which is exactly the same or even less (!) when you buy a 250 cm wide corner with armrests.

You read that right – this inconspicuous element can be up to several dozen centimetres in diameter!

This is actually good news because it means you don’t have to buy a huge corner sofa to sleep comfortably – if you don’t have a lot of square metres in your house or flat, don’t waste them on unnecessary armrests. If you don’t have a lot of square footage in your house or apartment, don’t waste it on unnecessary armrests. They can be replaced with cushions that you simply take off when it’s time for a nap.

A corner sofa will be particularly useful if you often receive guests. A large sleeping surface means more chances for a peaceful, comfortable sleep. Of course, the main criterion during the final selection should be the square footage – it doesn’t make any sense to clog up a small room with a huge piece of furniture, as it will optically take away several good square metres from the living room.

However, if you are lucky enough to have a large playroom in your house or flat, which just can’t wait to have an equally large corner sofa, then… under no circumstances should you choose a leather model! A huge leather corner is a quintessence of the most outstanding achievements of interior design… from a good twenty years ago. There is a reason why such a model is repeated in your childhood memories – and it had better stay there.

We have already established that greater width does not always go hand in hand with a larger sleeping surface. If – despite a relatively small area – you really want a corner sofa, models with a span of no more than two metres await you. This is still a more comfortable seat than a sofa, and in the event of a crisis it will serve as a decent bed. Note, however, that such a compact corner sofa will seat fewer people – not five, but three. So if you don’t receive guests very often or you have a few chairs or armchairs in your room, buying a corner sofa may turn out to be overkill and unnecessary expenditure.